Check out the FISA-B site 
for pictures of the
    International Student events in Karnataka                            

                     1.  Beautiful Karnataka!
                           - Bangalore Scenes

                     2.  Lalbagh flower show 
                  - August 2006
                           - January 2007
                           - January 2009
                     3.  The Kanthula Prize Award Ceremonies 
                           - Kanthula Prize Award 2006
                           - Kanthula Prize Award 2007
                           - Kanthula Prize Award 2008
                           - Kanthula Prize Award 2010

Mr.P.Venugopal has been made member of ISHO/INKA.
We welcome him to our organisation.

The Kanthula Prize has been revived and made better and more comprehensive!
Check the section on Kanthula Prize.


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